Questions about Heritage DPC.

Do you take insurance?


By cutting out the chaos and restrictions created by billing insurance companies, we can provide unparalleled care without the need for copays and unexpected medical bills.

Do you take insurance?2017-11-23T22:00:19-08:00

What if I need a specialist or a hospital?


In providing high quality medical care that is quick and convenient, we are able to prevent or reduce the need for many hospitalizations and specialty referrals.  If the need does arise, we will closely coordinate with any outside specialists and hospitals and keep them accountable to providing you with the best possible care.   We are [...]

What if I need a specialist or a hospital?2017-11-23T21:53:10-08:00

How do appointments work?


Every appointment is scheduled for 60 minutes with Dr. Neal, allowing some wiggle room to help members with same day needs as well.  Getting a visit scheduled is easy.  Submit an appointment request online, send us an e-mail, or even shoot us a text and we will get you scheduled at your convenience.

How do appointments work?2017-11-20T09:16:10-08:00

How much does it cost?


Monthly Membership: Ages 0-17  $40 per month (Reduced to $25 per month with one enrolled parent.  Reduced to $10 per month with 2 enrolled parents) Ages 18-64 $80 per month Ages 65 and up $100 per month Family Membership:  First 4 family members  $180/month Additional members $10/month Enrollment Fee: $95 per account  Re-enrollment fee: $295 [...]

How much does it cost?2018-10-01T15:17:12-07:00

Are there additional costs?


Possibly.  At Heritage, we provide everything we do for the membership fee.  However, for any outside services such as labs, pathology specimens, medications, and imaging, these do require additional cost.  Fortunately, we have pre-negotiated steep discounts with local vendors and have completely transparent pricing. For example:

Are there additional costs?2017-11-20T09:15:58-08:00

What is the co-pay?


There is no co-pay and there never will be.  Co-pays are created by insurance companies as a penalty for seeking medical care.  Instead, we provide everything we do for a single membership fee.   We don't believe in penalizing members for seeking the care they need.  After all, that is what we are here for, convenient [...]

What is the co-pay?2017-11-20T09:15:49-08:00

Where is the clinic?


We are so excited you asked!  Nestled inside of a pear orchard off of Eastside road, sheltered under the canopy of old growth oak and willow trees, rests Dr. Neal's Historic Farmhouse built in 1897. A newly renovated clinic space was designed to reflect the style of care you will receive at Heritage.  Complete with stone [...]

Where is the clinic?2017-11-20T09:15:22-08:00

Do you offer home visits?


We think our clinic space is pretty neat, but for one reason or another, getting here is not always easy.  Dr. Neal does offer home visits for a small travel fee of $25 per visit if the schedule allows.

Do you offer home visits?2017-11-20T09:17:46-08:00

How would I cancel my membership?


Hopefully this never needs to happen, but if it does, we have made it easy to cancel at anytime.  All we ask is to submit your cancellation 30 days in advance and you will no longer be billed and your membership will expire.  Should you choose to rejoin Heritage, we charge $295 per member.

How would I cancel my membership?2017-11-20T09:17:17-08:00
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