Membership at Echo Allergy Care

Experience the benefits of membership.  No co-pays, no deductibles, no unexpected medical bills.

Membership Pricing

Adult 18 +


Children 0-17


Family Plan

*Children membership reduced to $45 per month with 1 enrolled parent or guardian.  Further reduce to $35 per month with 2 enrolled parents.

Included Services

  • Environmental Allergy Skin Testing

  • Food Allergy Skin Testing

  • Food Challenges

  • 24/7 advice through e-mail, text, video and phone calls

  • Allergy Immunotherapy

  • Asthma Management

  • Spirometry

  • Nebulizer Breathing treatments

  • Skin Biopsies

  • Membership pricing on prescriptions- up to 90%  off

  • Membership pricing on labs and imaging services- up to 90% off

Cancellation Policy

With automated monthly billing, keeping an active membership at Heritage Family Medicine is easy.   If at any point you wish to cancel your membership, we ask for 30 days notice so we can continue to take care of you while you find a new medical provider.  Just another way we go the extra mile to provide stellar primary care service with no fine print or extra hoops to jump through.

A membership with Echo Allergy Care is not insurance.  We provide the scope of allergy care services specified above and in our retainer medical agreement.