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Providing an Allergy Care Experience unlike any other


Located inside a Historic Farmhouse off of Eastside road, a visit with Dr. Neal & Kelsie are anything but ordinary.  Enjoy a large cup of espresso, loose leaf tea, or other beverage of your choice in a relaxed and modern clinic setting.  With stone walls and a distinct Farmhouse charm, Echo Allergy Care has created a space of healing and wellness that is wholly unique.  Families with children will enjoy the dedicated play area adjoining the waiting room as well as the large manicured lawns with mountain views during the summer months.  Schedule a visit today to see what all of the excitement is about and join the Echo Allergy Family.

At Echo Allergy, we are committed to providing you a membership experience unlike any other.

Echo Allergy Values

To provide quality allergy care that is accessible, personalized, and affordable.

To bring an innovative model of Allergy Care to communities throughout the Gorge.

To serve our members with compassion, to practice state of the art allergy care, and to do it all in the most convenient way possible.

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