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What To Expect at Echo Allergy

Located inside a Historic Farmhouse off of Eastside road, a visit with Dr. Neal & his nurse Sarah are anything but ordinary. Enjoy a large cup of espresso, loose leaf tea, or other beverage of your choice in a relaxed and modern clinic setting. With stone walls and a distinct Farmhouse charm, Echo Allergy Care has created a space of healing and wellness that is wholly unique. Families with children will enjoy the dedicated play area adjoining the waiting room as well as the large manicured lawns with mountain views during the summer months. Schedule a visit today to see what all of the excitement is about and join the Echo Allergy Family.

At Echo Allergy, we are committed to providing our community with unique and quality patient care.

The Most Common Types of Allergy Tests Performed Include:

  • Skin Prick Tests: Skin prick allergy testing is the most common and is virtually painless. A very small amount of concentrated allergens are applied to your skin by making a small indentation or “prick” on the surface of your arms (or back) using plastic pricks. This type of testing is utilized to test for environmental, food and/or spice allergies. If you have allergies, a small red bump similar to a mosquito bite will appear on the skin. Positive reactions generally occur within about 20-30 minutes thus allowing you to see what you are allergic to during your visit. And generally the small hives where the tests were done will go away within 30 minutes. After the testing, ice and creams may be applied locally to reduce any redness and itching at the test sites.

  • Intradermal Tests: If your prick skin tests are negative but your allergist still suspects you might have allergies, more sensitive tests may be used in which a small amount of allergen is injected within the skin. This type of testing may also be utilized to confirm your allergies and determine your sensitivity for purposes of making your serum for allergy immunotherapy (allergy shots).

  • Challenge Tests: A very small amount of an allergen is inhaled or taken by mouth. Challenges are done mostly with potential food allergies. Challenge tests are always performed in our office under the supervision of our practitioners.

  • Skin Patch Tests: Patch tests are used for skin allergies, also known as contact dermatitis. They can determine if a patient’s skin contact with certain chemicals, metals, fragrances or other things cause a rash or dermatitis. These allergens are applied to a patch that is numbered and placed on your back. Patch tests take more time than skin tests and do not yield an immediate response as with skin testing. You will return to the office after 48 to 72 hours to have the patches removed and your test read.

Become Part of the Echo Allergy Family

We offer state of the art evaluation, painless allergy testing, and treatments. We provide comprehensive allergy treatments for:
  • Seasonal Allergies (including allergies to pollen, grass, and trees)
  • Food Allergies(including nuts, grains, shell-fish, lactose/milk, citrus, spices)
  • Insect Allergies & Bites
  • Animal & pet allergies
  • Skin allergies
  • Hives and eczema care
  • Drug or medication allergies
  • Allergic/Anaphylactic reactions
  • Asthma & cough
  • Mold allergies
  • Venom allergy
  • Environmental allergies
  • Drug allergies
  • Chemical allergies
  • Other allergies that cause allergic rhinitis and asthma
Allergy testing involves having a skin or blood test to determine what substance may be triggering an allergic response in a person. At Echo Allergy Care we feel that allergy skin testing is the gold standard of allergy testing, but sometimes both skin tests and blood tests may be used. Skin tests are usually performed because they are reliable, rapid, and typically more accurate and less expensive than blood tests. Based on the test results, you will be given a plan of care that will include medication, education and options available to you.
Common allergy testing we perform, depending on your condition may include one (or a combination) of the following:
  • Allergy Skin Prick Tests for environmental allergies
  • Allergy Skin Prick Tests for food and spice allergies
  • Patch Tests for skin allergies
  • Allergy Intradermal Skin Testing
  • Metals Allergy Testing
  • Allergen Provocation Testing (Allergen Challenge)
  • If intradermal (skin) allergy testing is not an option for you or your child, we can use blood testing to identify allergic sensitivities.
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